Hannah La'ia Bercovici
Born in Hawaii (hence the middle name) and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, I have been writing since a very young age. I wrote my first long story when I was about eight followed a group of girls lost in New York. It was deeply terrible, but with support from my family and friends, I never stopped putting words on pages. 
Outside of writing, I enjoy being outside either hiking, mountain biking, or climbing up cliffs. I have two degrees in geology and hope to own a sustainable farm one day. As a result of my science background and desire for the world to be a more equitable and environmentally sustainable place, my writing has taken a turn towards science fiction and philosophy. The two authors that have influenced my writing the most are Ursula Le Guin and Isabel Allende. 
In The Twelve, I want to showcase my idea for what the world should not become in hopes that readers will think of how they want the world to be. 

Glenna Elisabeth Thomas
"Originally from rural Maryland, I grew up with my parents, sister and a menagerie of animals. An oasis on the best days, a dysfunctional farm on the worst. This lifestyle and access to the outdoors is most certainly the reason I’ve pursued the natural world, through hobbies, work, and studies. Today, I identify myself as a scientist, an artist, a farmer, a cook (but not a baker), among many other roles.
My own trajectory through the sciences as a student and researcher has pulled my art in the direction of science education and communication. I find art in all its forms makes science, and the process of gaining new knowledge, more accessible. Whether through a well constructed graphical abstract or a simple animation, I’d like to offer an experiential perspective on learning, one that feeds curiosity and inspires understanding in the world around us."​​​​​​​
Guest Artists
Jake Mahr
Steadily moving eastward with each phase of life, I grew up in Manhattan Beach, California, went to college in upstate New York, and currently reside in Barcelona where I am working toward a Doctorate in Communications and Media Studies. My research is focused on zines, a medium of do-it-yourself, low-tech booklets. I’m specifically interested in how the zine lends itself to the representation of both non-binary identities and non-binary perspectives. 
Through my research, I’ve come to realize that I consistently find myself obsessed with form, with what makes things the things they are and how we might take them apart and reshape them into something knew, whether they be words, media, art forms, identities, or ideologies. It is this interest that has made experimenting with art and general content creation a substantial part of my life.
Here is a recent project I am working on, Notes from the Kitchen.
Mitchell Phillips
I am originally from Richmond, Virginia but have lived in Arizona for almost a decade. I currently work as a geologist and editor for the United States Geological Survey. I get to read a lot of papers and reports about the geology of the world and beyond. 
In addition to looking at and sometimes licking rocks, I love to draw, mountain bike, and play with my dog Remy. My drawings are often inspired by nature, music, and those random moments in life. I have been scribbling on paper for a long time, though have been recently playing around with graphic design. My current job as an editor allows me to pursue a career that combines design and geological sciences. 
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